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The ATA19 Annual Conference & Expo convenes thousands of healthcare leaders and is focused exclusively on telemedicine. This year, we will celebrate 26 years of success gathering thousands of leaders committed to improving healthcare delivery. Sponsoring at ATA19 is the perfect opportunity to find new business, raise your organization’s profile, and achieve greater brand visibility among those driving the telehealth profession.

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Second Opinion Telemedicine Solutions, Inc.

Torrance,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 2326

Pioneering Telehealth Solutions since 1996, we have a variety of customizable solutions. This includes Enterprise and Mobile Applications with Scheduling and Video Conferencing ideal for eReferral and eConsultation services. Remote Patient Monitoring, Specialized Protocols, Stethoscope Conferencing, Peripherals and customized Portals designed for Stroke and Forensic applications are available. We have over 4500 installs in a variety of different specialties, clinical trials and special projects.


  • Second Opinion Telehealth Products
    We specialize in developing asynchronous telehealth products. Second Opinion Enterprise is our latest product offering. It is a browser-based Enterprise Referral and Consultation Portal. Second Opinion Professional is our client-based offering....

  • Enterprise

    Second Opinion Enterprise is a third-generation product offering of our Store and Forward family of products. It is server based and is accessed via a web browser and can be used in a variety of medical specialties and research project scenarios.

    Second Opinion Enterprise was designed from the ground up to be a Referral & Consultation portal. It includes both formal and informal Referral & Consultation scenarios, can be located on-site or in a hosted environment and can be used standalone or in conjunction with an EHR system. The Enterprise solution is multi-site capable, has integrated vital sign management, scheduling and web video conferencing.

    Enterprise is also the back-end database engine of our Mobile App Development platform and is fully integrated with our Telehealth Dashboard and Stethoscope Conferencing product offerings. There is an optional MultiMedia Capture module to streamline the process of capturing both video stills and clips from medical scopes and other imaging devices such as digital cameras and desktop scanners. Customer specific protocols can be created and plugged in making the Enterprise platform fully customizable. Several use case protocols and a comprehensive stroke protocol are currently available.

    Beside Telemedicine applications, we have many customers using our portal software for clinical trials, NIH studies, as well as forensic applications and peer review.


    Second Opinion Mobile is our App development platform. It supports all IOS and Android devices. The Apps are role based and can be used by both Patients and Providers to capture and upload content to an Enterprise Patient folder.


    Second Opinion Professional is our client-based Store and Forward product offering. It allows you to capture high resolution images, video and sound clips, and other information and store them in a database folder for review and remote consultations.

    Second Opinion Professional can be used in all medical specialties including Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Pathology, Gynecology and Forensic Science applications.

    Included with Second Opinion Professional is our Custom Form Designer. It allows users to create their own custom forms by simply placing fields onto a page. There are virtually no limits to the number of pages or the number of fields you can have. Once finished with the design process, all you have to do is generate the form is decide the subject and type of form and the industry standard databases and screen definitions are automatically created. These are not word processing or email forms; they are true database entry applications. Data that is collected can be reported on with our Report Template Designer or just about any report generator program on the market.

    The Second Opinion Report Template Designer transforms Microsoft Word into a report writer.  The Word templates that are created link the data from within the Second Opinion Professional databases. When a report is run this data is merged into a Word document. These documents are then formatted and edited to create the finalized report. Pictures from within the Patient’s folder can also be included and the entire document saved and printed as a final report.  There is no limit to the size of a report.

    Cases can be sent to remote specialists via email, FTPSend or via an encrypted SOD file.

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