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The ATA19 Annual Conference & Expo convenes thousands of healthcare leaders and is focused exclusively on telemedicine. This year, we will celebrate 26 years of success gathering thousands of leaders committed to improving healthcare delivery. Sponsoring at ATA19 is the perfect opportunity to find new business, raise your organization’s profile, and achieve greater brand visibility among those driving the telehealth profession.

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Think Biosolution

Dublin,  Leinster 
  • Booth: 1913

Think Biosolution is an original design manufacturer (ODM), building privately labelled wearable medical devices and customized software platform for telehealth brands in the EU and USA. We have smart platforms with increasing feature sets for the remote health monitoring marketplace. The data is captured using our patented QuasaR™ sensor technology and is then transferred to an EMR compatible and HIPAA compliant cloud server using a smartphone or a hub.


  • QuasaR™
    The wearable device (UL, FCC, and CE marked) is worn on the chest with a strap. The device can measure biometrics such as pulse, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate variability. It can also measure temperature, movement and location....

  • We have 3 smart platforms with increasing feature sets for the remote health monitoring marketplace,

    • Continuous Monitoring Platform: Periodically tracks pa- tient’s vitals and motion, and the dashboard automatically tags and summarises clinically important events (Such as a sudden increase or decrease in heart rate).
    • Stress Monitoring Platform: In addition to tracking the pa- tient’s vitals and motion, the dashboard automatically tags and summarises stress events.

    • Care Platform: In addition to tracking the patient’s vitals, motion and location, the caregiver can use the dashboard to set up reminders for the patient to exercise or to take their daily medication. This platform can also alert care providers when the patient slips and falls.

    Value Proposition: Our 3 step integration process allows easy integration of our platform with the partners’ existing infrastructure. We first start with a design validation testing (DVT) for the partners’ leadership team to internally test the accuracy and user experience of QuasaRTM device. We then proceed to an integration validation test (IVT) where the partners’ leadership team will do real-world testing of the platform. If successful we proceed to a pilot launch of 1000-4000 units. 

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