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VectraCor, Inc.

totowa,  NJ 
United States
  • Booth: 2017

VectraCor is a medical device company specialized in the design & development of PC-Based ECG and Spirometry devices. VectraCor can turn an off the shelf computer into a fully functioning ECG and Spirometry device. VectraCor has partnered with many telemedicine companies to offer a custom integrated solution for ECG and Spirometry as well to work with many dynamic telemedicine solutions/platforms. Come visit our both to discuss your need for ECG and Spirometry needs

 Press Releases

  • VectraCor, Inc. announced its VectraplexECG System with CEB® Cardiac Electrical Biomarker has received an Innovative Technology contract from Vizient, Inc., the largest member-driven health care performance improvement company in the country. The contract was based on a recommendation of VectraCor’s VectraplexECG System with CEB®technology by hospital experts who serve on one of Vizient’s member-led councils.  Innovative Technology contracts are reserved for technologies that demonstrate an ability to enhance clinical care or patient safety, and those that improve an organization’s care delivery and business model.

    VectraCor has developed the new and disruptive “Smart ECG” technology, VectraplexECG System with CEB®, for the number one killer in the world, cardiovascular disease/heart attacks. Currently, a trained healthcare professional must attach 10 electrodes to the patient, which produces a 12-Lead EKG/ECG report that is only 33% sensitive in detecting acute MI (Clin Physiol Funct Imaging, 2007 Nov;27(6):368-74). The gold standard for detecting a heart attack is performing an ECG and drawing blood to measure troponin levels, which is costly and time consuming. Although a great test; there is a void and niche to fill in how chest-pain patients are being observed in between blood draws of troponin and where troponin is not performed. VectraplexECG System with CEB® fills this void and helps give decision-making information to the clinician more quickly.

    The VectraplexECG System can do 3 things which differentiates it from every other ECG system and competitor in the world:

    1. In real-time, non-invasively, and continuously generates a Cardiac Electrical Biomarker, CEB®, which is displayed above the heart rate on the screen as an easy-to-read cardiac electrical biomarker number. This can help risk-stratify these patients with chest pain and potentially lead to faster treatment. If the “CEB®” number is 95 or above the clinician is notified that the patient may be developing a heart attack/AMI.
    2. Produces a 15-Lead EKG report with Vector Loops – Standard 12-Lead plus X, Y, Z leads (Frank-Vectorcardiogram leads) and Vector Loops. These additional leads may help the clinician identify problems that the standard 12 lead may not show.
    3. The VectraplexECG does all this with only 5-electrodes, potentially saving costs in electrodes and prep time and decreasing door-to-ECG time. The 5-electrode placement is a subset of the standard 10 electrode placement. VectraCor uses the 5 easiest electrodes of the standard 10 electrodes; limb leads and V2. Therefore, there is no additional training required of staff and is more comfortable for the patient.

    The VectraplexECG System, also has the capability of using the standard 10 electrodes to produce a 12-lead ECG with interpretation like other ECG machines.

    For the first time, clinicians will have at their disposal a color-coded, cardiac electrical biomarker to help risk-stratify chest pain patients and potentially make a faster clinical decision, which is ideal for use in triage and cardiac observation units. The VectraplexECG System with CEB® will be a great complement to troponin and help, not only clinicians/patients in the hospital setting, but also urgent care and nursing home facilities as well.

    “We are very honored and excited that Vizient has awarded VectraplexECG System with CEB® an Innovative Technology contract. Small innovators sometimes need help from companies like Vizient to propel them to the next level and get their technology more widely utilized. Our ECG device may now help clinicians more quickly detect the cardiac disease in real-time, and non-invasively, in the form of an easy-to-read cardiac electrical biomarker (CEB®) number. This could lead to a potentially faster treatment to save heart muscle and lives,” said Brad S. Schreck, President & CEO of VectraCor, Inc.

    “After many years of clinical validation, we are ready to take the company and healthcare to the next level. With the Innovative Technology contract from Vizient, we are excited and ready as a company to move forward in a big way by bringing our great technology to their member hospitals where the benefits will truly be seen,” added Schreck.

    “After review, Vizient’s member council agreed VectraplexECG System with CEB®, Cardiac Electrical Biomarker, offers a unique benefit over other products available in the market today and recommended it for an innovative technology contract. We are pleased to award this contract to VectraCor,” said Debbie Archer, director of procurement and leader of Vizient’s Innovative Technology program for suppliers.

    Vizient represents a diverse membership base that includes academic medical centers, pediatric facilities, community hospitals, integrated health delivery networks and non-acute health care providers and represents approximately $100 billion in annual purchasing volume. Through its Innovative Technology Program, Vizient works with member-led councils and task forces to review potentially innovative products. If it is determined that a product is innovative, Vizient may award a contract outside of the competitive bid cycle.


    VectraCor, Inc.

    VectraCor is a medical device company in Totowa, NJ with a disruptive and patented technology in the cardiovascular market place. Cardiovascular disease is the #1 disease and killer in the US and World.  VectraCor’s technology has the potential to be the new standard of care in EKGs and cardiac monitoring. For more information please visit VectraCor at www.vectracor.com or contact Brad S. Schreck at 973-904-0444 or email bschreck@vectracor.com.


  • VectraplexECG
    Innovative ECG solution - in which you only have to hook-up 5 electrodes and can derive a 15-lead ECG report....

  • ALL VectraplexECG Machines  are able to:
    • Derive a 15-22 Lead ECG report with only 5 Electrodes • Measure a standard 12 lead ECG with 10 electrodes  w/ Interpretation • In  Real-Time, Continuously, Derive a Cardiac Electrical Biomarker, CEB®, that will detect ECG changes suggestive of an AMI • One push email capability • Can Connect to most Cardiology Information Systems; 

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