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ATA2020 Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities

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Make the 27th annual ATA Conference & Expo your platform for engaging the top decision makers, promoting your new product or tech platform, and raising brand awareness to the audience that matters most to you. This year, the ATA has created three new sponsorship and branding categories to choose from:

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Avail Medsystems

Palo Alto,  CA 
United States

Avail Medsystems is a pioneering medical technology company that provides simple cost-effective solutions that connect procedural healthcare professionals regardless of location. We accomplish this by separating the requirement of physical presence from the ability to collaborate during a procedure.

In-person collaboration is costly, requires complex logistics to coordinate and crowds medical procedure rooms limiting the ability of healthcare professionals to support procedures wherever, and whenever, is needed. From an education standpoint, this can add months or even years to the time required to train all providers on the latest medical device technologies.

Avail aims to democratize access to clinical and procedural expertise by removing physical, economic and logistical barriers. Our Procedural TelemedicineTM solution addresses these challenges by enabling on-the-go collaboration with any remote healthcare professional.

Remote users have the ability to access views from multiple high definition pan-tilt-zoom cameras and external imaging equipment, split the screens to view inputs side by side, annotate, freeze frames and more. Our portable, fully integrated, Avail Consoles allow the treating physician and other local healthcare professionals to see everything the remote user displays in real-time. This capability underpins a fully interactive collaborative experience for both the remote user and the treating physician.