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ATA2020 Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities

Increase brand exposure to the decision makers and healthcare leaders driving telehealth and virtual care strategies.

Make the 27th annual ATA Conference & Expo your platform for engaging the top decision makers, promoting your new product or tech platform, and raising brand awareness to the audience that matters most to you. This year, the ATA has created three new sponsorship and branding categories to choose from:

  • Networking & Special Event Support
  • Enhanced Attendee Experience
  • Branding & Exposure

Check out some of the options below. Or, contact us to design a sponsorship package that's perfect for your organization.

Smart Meter

Tampa,,  FL 
United States

The iGlucose® Remote Diabetes Management System by Smart Meter enables the proactive management of diabetes through an innovative and diverse portfolio of data, technology, and solutions. The immediate cellular transmission of blood glucose (BG) readings eliminates the need for pairing, creating manual logbooks or downloading BG results. Additionally, Smart Meter provides access to real-time, reliable BG data for reimbursable remote patient monitoring, between visits. This immediate inforamtion equips healthcare professionals with tools to identify critical high and low BG readings and intervene if needed to improve patient outcomes and provide more insightful clinical decisions.