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ATA2020 Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities

Increase brand exposure to the decision makers and healthcare leaders driving telehealth and virtual care strategies.

Make the 27th annual ATA Conference & Expo your platform for engaging the top decision makers, promoting your new product or tech platform, and raising brand awareness to the audience that matters most to you. This year, the ATA has created three new sponsorship and branding categories to choose from:

  • Networking & Special Event Support
  • Enhanced Attendee Experience
  • Branding & Exposure

Check out some of the options below. Or, contact us to design a sponsorship package that's perfect for your organization.

Health Systems Informatics

Bainbridge Island,  WA 
United States

Every decision a hospital makes, from vendor selection to clinical optimization and everything in between, affects patients. For 25 years, HSi has partnered with the most prestigious healthcare organizations to deliver high-quality healthcare consulting services and solutions that improve patient outcomes and have a high return on investment. 

HSi collaborates with healthcare organizations seeking continual advancement in patient care through the enhancement of their systems and processes. Realizing this objective moves beyond the work of the EHR and into accessibility, HSi partners with Softgent to provide an end-to-end Remote Patient Monitoring solution.

 At the center of the solution lies the digital health gateway. Deployed in the patient’s home, this small but powerful device establishes secure communication between all medical sensing IoT devices. Patients or clinicians will have access to a medical-grade tablet for recording, storing, or uploading key health metrics to the hospital’s electronic health record system, including temperature, blood pressure, sugar levels, weight, and much more. Clinicians can remotely monitor a patient's health status on-demand and react accordingly with recommended treatment plans and/or interactive video chats.

We are eager to assist hospitals and health systems in the goal of ensuring all members of the hospital community have reliable access to cell service and wireless capabilities from anywhere on the hospital campus. Now more than ever, healthcare professionals depend on cellular and Wi-Fi networks to communicate quickly and reliably to colleagues and patients. In addition, localized and remote access to patient records, medical applications, and clinical intelligence is a must-have by physicians and nurses. An unreliable connection is not only frustrating but could interrupt care coordination and communication with staff, patients, and loved ones.