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Minneapolis,  MN 
United States

Zipnosis was started to rev up the slow-moving machine of traditional healthcare. Consumers, empowered by technology, demand more from all of their experiences, including healthcare. So Zipnosis created device-agnostic multi-modal virtual care. Offering patients greater choice and convenience, providers improved efficiency, and boosting the bottom line for health organizations. 

With Zipnosis healthcare on-demand, patients receive in-person care when it’s needed, and virtual treatment options online when it’s not. Both patients and providers can access the Zipnosis platform from anywhere, anytime. 

As the white-label virtual care platform powering the virtual visits of 51 large health systems across the country, our network of providers can handle 1.1M visits a week without breaking a sweat—making Zipnosis the highest capacity virtual care provider in the country. 

Our platform powers virtual visits for nearly any clinical specialty, including but not limited to: urgent care, primary care, mental and behavioral health, post-operative care, and occupational medicine.

Multi-modal care to meet every care need
We know every care experience is unique, that’s why we make sure our platform allows for virtual care that adapts to provider and patients needs in real time. Our platform supports four modes of care, both asynchronous and synchronous, through intelligent interviews, chat, phone and video visits. While also allowing providers to easily move between modes of care in the context of a virtual visit, all with the goal of providing the most efficient, convenient solution for each health system's unique needs. 

Connecting patients with providers and networks they trust
People want care from the providers they know and trust.  Through our system, patients can access their existing providers as well as other local providers right in their own community. We partner with health systems and providers to build unique virtual care solutions for their needs—not just a one-size fits all solution.

Not your average video visits
Virtual care is too important to be an afterthought. It's what we do best, not just another thing we do. Not only do we have video visits as a mode of care, we also have multimodal augmented video visits. With our video visits, you can move between other modes of care with custom workflows. You have the flexibility to use direct-to-video, provider or protocol initiated step-up from asynchronous care, multi-party video, or scheduled video.