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Ceiba Healthcare

New York,  NY 
United States

CEIBA Healthcare is the first and only company to offer a Fully Integrated Tele Health Solution with a decentralized mHealth platform. Ceiba’s 4 main product lines are eConnect, eClinics, Dr. ICU and ZeqAI.

Ceiba solves the interoperability issue via its eConnect IoMT platform. eConnect is an open architecture platform where any medical device or third-party software can easily integrate using our open APIs. Integration with eConnect is as easy as “plug and play” and is absolutely brand agnostic.

eConnect’s proprietary technology enables the receipt of continuous live stream of data from any medical device, EHR and present the patient monitor and ventilator data in wave forms.

eClinics is a specialized platform where all critical patients in different care settings (such as Hospitals, LTACs, SNFs etc.) can be monitored from a single Tele-Health platform. With the continual data-stream of patient information from multiple interfaces and the ability to interact with the bedside via purpose-built 2-way without any hardware dependency conferencing, a physician working from a care center or any remote location can seamlessly support care for a patient in another center. Clinicians may use proprietary acuity scoring, instant waveforms and monitor smart alarms to help identify patients who are at high risk or who are demonstrating early deterioration.

eClinics’ automated features save clinicians proven hours of daily administrative work and have them focus on delivering the best care. eClinics’ embedded AI engine “ZeqAI” continuously scans data and creates predictive and actionable alarms. “ZeqAI” generates predictive alerts for early identification and prevention of hospital acquired conditions such as Sepsis.

Ceiba’s mHealth platform “Dr ICU” transforms the Tele Health in critical care processes into a single mobile platform. Dr. ICU helps clinicians access historic progress notes, lab results, treatments and monitor patient’s vitals in real time. Clinicians can take action from the alarms, can write daily progress notes and can share consultation. It enables the providers to form virtual teams to leverage their work force and create efficiencies. Dr. ICU is designed to democratize and decentralize the way Tele Health service is being delivered for critical care settings.