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Sony Network Communications Europe

mSafetyTM from Sony is a remote monitoring platform designed for healthcare providers, health plans, mobile health tech providers and other health and safety services. The B2B platform combines a secure Cloud backend solution with a connected wearable, providing a ready-made platform upon which to develop and scale remote monitoring applications and services. 

With applications built on the mSafety platform, people are continuously monitored via a wearable equipped with sensors. Data regarding the user’s physical activity, heart rate, sleep patterns, and location can continuously be gathered from in-device or additional external sensors and uploaded for service providers to see.

The low-complexity device features a bright, simple monochrome display and IoT low power consumption for long battery life. Thanks to a built-in eSIM for continuous connection there is no need to pair with a phone. The platform offers bi-directional communication, enabling service providers to both receive and send messages and to offer more proactive services. All transferred data is end-to-end encrypted, so no sensitive information is ever visible or stored in the mSafety backend.

mSafety includes connectivity and subscription management as a service and comes with dashboards for remote device configuration and software updates, so that service providers have full control over their fleet of installed devices and don’t depend on the technology comfort level of the end user.

Services built on mSafety provide an effective way of monitoring people with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, stroke, heart failure or arrhythmia, or at-risk seniors living in their own homes. The solution not only enhances the user’s safety but also contributes to family members’ peace of mind. Although the device is suitable for a variety of different use cases, including medical, the mSafety wearable is not a medically certified device. Should medical certification be necessary, Sony partners are responsible for acquiring this.

About Sony Network Communications Europe (Takeoff Point LLC in the U.S.)
mSafety is provided by Sony Network Communications Europe which has its HQ in the Netherlands and operations in Lund, Sweden. As part of the Sony Group, Sony Network Communications Europe’s approach aligns with the Group’s overall ambition to create enterprise value through a passion for technology, content, and services. The result is intelligent, simple, and scalable connected services that empower B2B customers to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue. To learn more, visit