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takea-moment.com Meditation App

Floral Park,  NY 
United States

takea-moment.com is a Meditation App created and founded by Myself, Physician Dr. Suresh K. Paulus.

The Product is My Meditation App, takea-moment.com, & Presentations as on-demand supplemental Mental Health Self Care Resources.

Please go to My Website: takea-moment.com

(Please remember to put the symbol dash or hyphen after “takea” in order to properly get to the website)

for potential access to more detailed useful Experiences, Information, Free one week trial, Individual/Corporate Subscription options, so on:


For Service, Presentations, Subscription Price Points, Studies Metrics/Pilot Studies, Subscription inquiries/opportunities, so on

Please communicate with Me, Dr. Suresh K. Paulus.

Business email: sureshpaulus@takea-moment.com

Cell Telephone #: 718-288-5958

I can do Presentations including Webinars/Videoconferences with Zoom.

This is relevant now and in the future as We address Resilience and stress in this COVID-19 Crisis.

The following are just a few immediately useful examples of My mindfulness Meditation messages which are incorporated into

My Meditation App, takea-moment.com.Resilience:defined as overcoming in a pragmatic way with a focus on Resilience through a particular component of Meditation-CAB.

Calm-Aware-Breathe. remain Calm-be Aware-Breathing focus.

This has been a lifelong journey; which still continues, of seeing a need for All people. That basic requirement starts with Myself; in order to Address Resilience and stress in Life. COVID-19 has definitely disrupted many lives, I am one of those people.

Even while ill with COVID-19; I continued Working from Home as a Physician in self-quarantine. And in fact, ironically enough taking care of COVID-19 Patients remotely via Telehealth.

My Methodology involves integrating Mindfulness Meditation, Music, Nature, Audio Guidance, Video.

This can lead to potential Improvements in focus, energy, sleep; categories of cognition, mood, stress.

Goals include Service, Presentations, Pilot Studies, Sales

Niche: Content, Presentations, Time, Cost

Facebook Personal link:


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Meditation App Informational Video 5-17-2020:


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