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ATA2020 Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities

Increase brand exposure to the decision makers and healthcare leaders driving telehealth and virtual care strategies.

Make the 27th annual ATA Conference & Expo your platform for engaging the top decision makers, promoting your new product or tech platform, and raising brand awareness to the audience that matters most to you. This year, the ATA has created three new sponsorship and branding categories to choose from:

  • Networking & Special Event Support
  • Enhanced Attendee Experience
  • Branding & Exposure

Check out some of the options below. Or, contact us to design a sponsorship package that's perfect for your organization.

Vivify Health

Plano,  TX 
United States

Vivify Health, a leader in connected care management and patient engagement, has been at the forefront of digital disruption across healthcare systems delivering remote care virtually for any clinical condition where patients want their care (home, on the go). With immense experience in actively servicing more than 800 hospitals, home care agencies, and health plans through our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform, we take pride in reducing readmission rate by over 65%plus exceeding patients’ satisfaction levels by 95%.

In these challenging times, healthcare providers across the nation are tapping into Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and telehealth solutions to communicate with their patients and track their health. Vivify Health has been the vanguard of the COVID-19 crisis and was quick to develop a strategy to assist the overwhelmed healthcare systems by better managing the surge of patients requiring medical attention at a given point of time.

Vivify’s next-level approach encompasses utilizing RPM and telehealth solutions while:

  • Helping patients self-identify at home, especially those at the most risk
  • Reducing the chance of spreading the virus while efficiently using connected care
  • Helping health care professionals scale care
  • Ensuring care reaches patients in rural areas
  • Maintain care for any condition, anytime
  • Avoiding a rebound effect
  • Increasing provider revenue during difficult times

Using Vivify to monitor, conduct virtual telehealth visits, and continuum of care will help your organization stay on top of your most vulnerable patients. With the evolving adoption of digital weapons to address the pandemic, our purpose as an organization has never been clearer.