Fujifilm SonoSite  

Bothell,  WA 
United States
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Fujifilm SonoSite, the world leader in bedside and point-of-care ultrasound, delivers solutions that meet imaging needs of the medical community.  SonoSite has been defining, and redefining, next-generation point-of-care (POC) ultrasound for decades.  As a recognized market leader, SonoSite has continued to enjoy remarkable growth while earning worldwide recognition for its progressive product line, educational programs, and advocacy for a broader understanding of ultrasound’s multiple benefits.  SonoSite continues to influence the future of medical ultrasound in both the clinical and preclinical markets and their systems provide clinicians around the world with a cost-effective tool for improving patient safety and workflow efficiency.  


  • SII
    SII Ultrasound System was engineered specifically for anesthesiologists and busy operating rooms. Its lean, simplified controls are designed for single-hand operation, and its visualization quality aids imaging confidence....

  • SonoSite SII was developed for regional anesthesia, vascular access, and trauma applications.  The SII empowers efficiency for clinicans through a simple, yet smart user interface that adapts to the user's imaging needs.  The system is portable and can be used across multiple hospital environments, including a zero footprint option for space-constrained rooms.

    For regional anesthesiologists, enhancing patient throughput is a critical need, especially as they perfrom an increasing number of ultrasound-guided procedures on a daily basis.  The SII features a new touchscreen user interface with a clinician-driven menu logic that adaptively adjusts to the use case- "what you need is what you see".  an embedded dual transducer connector also allows quick switching between transducers with two simple taps of the screen, ensuring that the right transducer is always readily available.  To furthur accelerate end-to-end workflow, the SII comes with a new stand, offering elevated transducer holders and additional storage, all while minimizing footprint.

    The SonoSite SII benefits:

    • Fast machine boot-up time
    • Clarity of ultrasound images
    • Simplified ultrasound controls, interface, and presets