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GE is making a new commitment to health.
“healthymagination” will change the way we approach healthcare, with more than 100 innovations all focused on addressing three critical needs: lowering costs, touching more lives and improving quality.

GE’s "healthymagination" vision for the future invites the world to join us on our journey as we continuously develop innovations addressing access, cost and quality.

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  • Aisys CS2 with ecoFLOW
    The Aisys CS2 is a digital system designed for seamless connectivity with your other medical devices and network infrastructure. With over 300 data points captured during each breath, analytics & insights accessible through cloud-based applications....

  • From anesthesia to analytics, each breath builds a more complete picture of your OR.

    Advancements in digital technology are driving a new era of brilliant machines, big data and analytics. For anesthesia, it all comes together in the Aisys CS2 — a technologically sophisticated class of digital Carestation™.  The Aisys CS2 is a fully digital system designed for seamless connectivity with your other medical devices and your network infrastructure. With hundreds of data points captured during each breath and easy-to-use, cloud-based applications to analyze data, it’s more than an anesthesia delivery system. It’s the central command for your entire OR.  Leveraging our 100-year expertise as the global leader in anesthesia delivery, we redesigned the Aisys CS2 user-interface and paired it with numerous intuitive workflow features. We also made it modular and upgradeable, so you can plan for the future while protecting your investment.  With a fully digital system that seamlessly connects to the rest of your hospital, the data you collect from each breath can inform the decisions you make to improve your OR.

  • Venue™ Ultrasound System
    Venue is a multi-purpose ultrasound system that represents the next step in Point-of-Care imaging.


  • Venue Ultrasound represents the next step in Point of Care imaging. Inspired by input from hundreds of physicians from around the world, this multi-purpose device offers a simple and fast way for you to assess your patient’s medical status and delivers precision when and where you need it in the perioperative setting.   

    The Venue’s smart design includes a 19” monitor on an articulating arm, which also serves as a cleanable and intuitive touchscreen user interface, four active probe ports, and a battery that provides up to four hours of scan time when fully charged. Built upon the innovative image processing platform cSound™, Venue offers precision and exceptional image quality with tools such as CrossXBeam™ (Spatial Compounding), SRI HD (Speckle Reduction Imaging in High Definition), Coded Harmonics, and B-steer+ Needle Recognition software, which harnesses pattern recognition technology that recognizes and accurately reveals the structure of a needle within anatomy, without distortion of the needle and compromising the target.

    5 year standard warranty included.