Medasense Biometrics Ltd.  

Ramat Gan, 
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Medasense- Personalizing Analgesia Management

Medasense is a medical technology company, developer of the novel PMD-200 system and NOL (Nociception Level) index- the only multi-parameter nociception index.

Optimum pain control during surgery is a major challenge, impacting outcomes, length of stay & cost of treatment.

Commonly used parameters like HR and BP do not adequately reflect the patient’s response to stress, stimuli, or effect of medications. This lack of personalized titration of therapy may result in inadequate analgesia being given, or can lead to excessive dosing; either of these scenarios lead to undesirable results.

The PMD-200* system and NOL index*, provide a reflection of patient’s nociceptive state by incorporating patterns of multiple phsiological parameters and derivatives, known to be impacted by nociceptive stimuli.

The NOLTM technology was validated as superior to existing physiological parameters. It enables clinicians to optimize and personalize the delivery of analgesic modalities to patients, enabling improved outcomes.

*Commercially available in Canada and Europe. Not commercially available in the US