Shenzhen Taijia Electronics Co., Ltd.  

Shenzhen,  Guangdog province 
  • Booth: 1943

Our company devote to become the leader of the industry of medical instruments of Anesthesia , custody, we have 460 workers, 300000 grade non-dust workshop, 11 years experience, OEM for BD, GE, Philips, Mindray, and ISO, CE&FDA certificated.

Our company has super product innovation, strong R&D strength and strict quality control system,we can provide OEM/ODM service with great quality

 Press Releases

  • Shenzhen Taijia Electronics Co.,Ltd. has been a professional monitoring accessories manufacturer for over 11 years with 2 facilities in China including
  • Shenzhen Taijia Electronics Co.,Ltd. is OEM for BD, GE, Philips, Mindray,Xhale,Comen, Creative, Choice, Biolight, Flex, Anke etc.
  • (Jul 15, 2018)
    Shenzhen Taijia Electronics Co.,Ltd. is facilitated with 2000m² 300K grade clean room which can meet your clean products demand.
  • Shenzhen Taijia Electronics Co.,Ltds is CE, ISO13485 and FDA certified, meanwhile, approved with biocompatibility certificates for most products.
  • Taijia got a lot of advanced manufacture and testing equipment such as low pressure molding mahcine, laser machine, automatic baking machine, terminal machine, crimping machine, computer cutting machine, monitors, simulators, high voltage tester, insulation tester, conduction tester, leakage tester, noise tester, DC low resistance tester, salt spray tester, swing test machine, CCD tester, automatic welding machine, wire moving machine, stripping machine, bending machine, cutting machine, fluke oil trunk, terminal analyser, Rohs tester and horizontal injection machine etc.


  • disposable spo2 sensor
    We offer precise disposable spo2 sensor with imported PD&LED with materials such as spnge, non-woven cloth, velvet, elastic cloth, bundy cloth and transparent PE film....

  • Many clinical diseases can cause the lack of oxygen supply, which will directly affect the normal metabolism of cells and even seriously threaten human life, so real-time monitoring of blood oxygen concentration is very important in clinical aid.

    Traditional blood oxygen saturation is calculated through the electrochemical analysis by blood gas analyzer on the blood collected from human body which is cumbersome without continuous monitoring.

    Reusable spo2 sensor can be placed on the appropriate position such as finger which is used to be a transparent container containing hemoglobin and then the compatible patient monitors can collect the intesity of the light from PD&LED on the sensors through the human organization and calculate the pulse oxygen saturation,  which  can provide a continuous non-invasive pulse oxygen saturation measurement for clinical care.

  • temperature probe
    Our temperature probe can be compatible with most brands with a precision 0.1%...

  • Body temperature monitoring is required for high quality patient care as it is a crucial measurement for physiological signal in CR, ICU, CCU and ER: