Intersurgical Inc.  

East Syracuse,  NY 
United States
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Intersurgical® is a global designer, manufacturer & supplier of a wide range of medical devices for airway management, anesthesia and respiratory care. We have over 30 years’ experience which helps us to understand the needs of our customers and patients. By remaining focused in this area we have developed an innovative product portfolio, providing complete airway and anesthesia solutions, offering our customers quality, innovation and choice.  

Visit us at booth 1413 to find out more information and to see our full range of products. We will be featuring: i-view our new single use video laryngoscope, providing the option of video laryngoscopy whenever & wherever you need to intubate, by incorporating a Macintosh blade it can also be used for direct laryngoscopy. i-gel® a non-inflating, 2nd generation supraglottic airway, providing improved seal pressures, a conduit for intubation, integrated bite block & gastric channel. i-gel secures the airway naturally reducing trauma & improving patient safety. ClearLite our new anesthetic masks, anatomically designed to offer a precise fit with minimal pressure, with a crystal clear body, non-inflating cuff and they are available in 7 sizes.



  • i-gel supraglottic airway
    i-gel®: single use, 2nd generation, non-inflating supraglottic airway. Provides improved seal pressures, integrated bite block, gastric access & a conduit for intubation. i-gel secures the airway naturally, reducing trauma while improving patient safety....

  • i-gel® is the innovative second generation supraglottic airway device from Intersurgical. The first major development since the laryngeal mask airway, i-gel has changed the face of airway management and is now widely used in anesthesia and resuscitation across the globe. Made from a medical grade thermoplastic elastomer, i-gel has been designed to create a non-inflating, anatomical seal of the pharyngeal, laryngeal and perilaryngeal structures while avoiding compression trauma.

    i-gel is incredibly easy to use, a proficient user can achieve insertion of the i-gel in less than 5 seconds. With a non-inflating cuff, i-gel provides a safe and rapid airway management solution. Adult i-gel is indicated for securing and maintaining a patent airway in routine and emergency anesthetics of fasted patients, during spontaneous or Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation (IPPV), during resuscitation of the unconscious patient, and as a conduit for intubation under fiberoptic guidance (sizes 3, 4 and 5) in a known or unexpectedly difficult intubation, by personnel who are suitably trained and experienced in the use of airway management techniques and devices.

    i-gel is also available in four pediatric, as well as three adult sizes, making it applicable for use with patients between 2 - 90+ kg. Pediatric i-gel is indicated for securing and maintaining a patent airway in routine and emergency anesthetics for operations of fasted patients during spontaneous or IPPV.

    An i-gel user guide, clinical study material and other support documentation is available to download from the i-gel website at

  • i-view™ video laryngoscope
    i-view™: New single use video laryngoscope providing the option of video laryngoscopy whenever & wherever you intubate. Incorporating a Macintosh blade allows for direct or video laryngoscopy. Ergonomic design ensures i-view is easy & instinctive to use....

  • i-view is the new, single use video laryngoscope from Intersurgical®, providing the option of video laryngoscopy whenever and wherever you might need to intubate. By incorporating a Macintosh blade, i-view can also be used for direct laryngoscopy. The technique for insertion is more familiar and instinctive than for devices with a hyper-angulated blade. i-view is ready to use seconds after removing from the packaging. The ergonomic design ensures i-view is easy to use and the integral LCD screen provides an optimal view.

    The availability of a video laryngoscope may be limited due to the cost implication of purchasing reusable devices for multiple sites. By combining all the advantages of a fully integrated video laryngoscope in a single use product, i-view provides a cost effective solution.  It is ideal for use in emergency medicine, anesthesia, difficult airway and intensive care.