Stained Glassery

Dansville,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 407

Stained glass panels and suncatchers using stained and beveled glass, jewels and natural elements. Kaliedoscopes designed with antiques, cameras, musical instruments and much more.


  • violin
    Mosaic glass covered real violin...

  • Full size violin with stained glass mosaic covering.
  • kaleidoscope
    Stained glass kaleidoscope with oil tube....

  • Stained glass kaleidoscope with Dichroic glass as 3rd mirror.  tThe other 2 mirrors are front surface mirrors.  The object at end is oiled filled wirh glass jewels and colored glass pieces.  Kaleidoscope is 12" long and 4" high on oak stand.
  • kaleidoscope
    Jeweled marble kaleidoscope...

  • Jeweled metal marble kaleidoscope with hand made 1 1/8" exchangable marble.  Kaleidoscope is 12"long and 11/8" in Dia on oak stand.  Tube is enbedded with glass jewels.
  • Stained glass panel
    Stained and beveled glass panel with amethyst slab....

  • Stained and beveled glass panel with amethyst stained glass and natural amethyst slab.  Panel is 13" X  30" silver colored solder and copper border.
  • kaleidoscope
    Blue rod kaleidoscope with carousel object...

  • Kaleidoscope made with blue glass rods and carousel wheel as object.  Three mirror scope with frount surface mirrors, 14" long and 4" high on oak stand.