Fruitoid LLC

Fredericksburg,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 401


  • Large Barnacle Platter
    Large hand built platter surrounded by hand made clay barnacles....

  • 19"x19"x 3" Low fired clay with several layers of glazes fired on to create the rich surface.
  • Small White Poppy
    Slabs of clay are altered & attached to create the petals. The center has been smoke fired and attached....

  • 12"x12"x 2 1/2" Low fired clay w/smoke fired center. Several layers of glazes fired on.
  • Coral flower vase
    Thrown and carved vase with slab leaves added. Layers of underglazes & glazes fired on....

  • 9"x6"x6" Low fired clay, thrown and carved. Multiple layers of both underglazes & glazes are fired on.
  • Extremely Barnacleized Vases
    Variety of thrown vases with handmade clay barnacles surrounding the top edge....

  • 6"-8" tall low fired clay with food safe glazes. Handmade barnacles attached to the top rims