Jonathan's Spoons

Kempton,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 111

Something as simple as a wooden spoon can become one of the most interesting items in your kitchen. My handcrafted utensils are made from real cherry wood, giving the spoons a warm, rustic look. Whether you need a slotted spoon for cooking or a unique pair of salad tongs that look elegant at the dinner table, you’ll love the unique designs available from Jonathan’s Spoons.


  • The Lazy Group
    Our Lazy Spoon® and spatulas are some of the best tools for a convenient kitchen......

  • Lazy Spoons, ladles and spatulas are notched to rest on the edge of a pan. 

    Drips stay in the pan and the handles stays cool.

    They are made from wild cherry hardwood, here in Pennsylvania.

  • Inside-Out Tongs®
    Serving tongs made from cherry wood.......

  • Our Inside-Out tongs are designed to hold the most, magically with only one hand! These are perfect for salad, pasta, or any other dish that is easily served with a perfect set of tongs! When you're finished it folds inside out to become completely flat!
  • Serving Increase
    Serving ladles; form following function.......

  • Serving ladles and spoons designed for specific functionality.
  • Cherry wood spoon Intention
    Skimmer spoon and salad set designed with useful intention......

  • Functional art serves a purpose, yet brings joy to every day tasks.
  • CatTail Collection
    Whimsical designs add character to your kitchen......

  • Our CatTail spoons are a purfect addition to the natural kitchen.