Tree of Life Potters

Asheville,  NC 
United States
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The vision of Tree of Life Potters is to infuse the magic of the vast Appalachian flora into the ancient earth elements of ceramic art. Iron-oxides are used to give plant impressions a fossilized look, extending their life past their natural cycle, thus giving them eternal life. Beginning in the forest, this decorative and functional pottery is designed to reconnect the human spirit to nature and to educate about the many plants in our region, as well as bring joy into everyday life!


Small plate demo


  • Bloodroot Magic Platter
    A magnificent colored rectangular platter with bloodroot, wineberry, fig leaves and dogwood flowers. The plant impressions are tediously painted in with captivating glazes....

  • This piece was one of my masterpieces of 2018, the design, patterns, and colors came out in incredible vivid detail, really defining all the complexities of the figs and bloodroot leaves.
  • Appalachian Spring Large Platter
    A complex ode to the emergence of springtime plants in the Blue Ridge mountains! Intricate impressions of bloodroot, dogwood flowers, tulip poplar, Christmas fern fiddleheads, and giant chain ferns from the redwoods in California....

  • The impressions are stained into the stoneware clay with iron-oxides and sanded for smooth edges. Strong hangers on the back for solid wall hanging. Earth tones so compliments any color design. Durable platter for hosting a festive potluck or gathering, then hang it back on the wall for a beautiful earth honoring in your home!
  • Medicine Mugs
    Various glazed and non-glazed mugs honoring the leaves of a special plant. Great for coffee or tea to keep you warm through the winter months. Many different shapes and sizes available. These are what the wizards and elves drink from!...

  • Plants harvested out in Oregon and Califonia, many different colors and styles. Each one of a kind. Very limited quantity.
  • Maestro Mandala
    Our largest piece available! A beautiful circular mandala platter comprised of milkweed and queen anne's lace, with perfect balance and symmetry. A unique piece that cannot be replicated, a specialty offering from Tree of Life Potters....

  • This piece will make a masterpiece out of you decorative home. A real eye catcher, and very complex to form by hand.
  • Summer Lavender Platter
    A beautiful peak of summer piece, with buckeye, queen anne's lace, fox grape leaves, comfrey, wineberry, and Christmas ferns. A beautiful compliment to any home....

  • This piece is a limited edition, no design is ever the same!