Brian Jerky and Peanut Company

Cavetown,  MD 
United States
  • Booth: 125

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  • Big dog Billy’s beef jerky
    This is a family recipe family made This jerky has a very good flavor of very good texture and is very good for you we have nine different flavors...

  • This jerky is Pennsylvania raise beef family recipe I am by my family this jerky has very good texture very good flavor and we have nine different flavors
  • Virginia peanut company
    15 different flavors of Virginia peanuts grow in Virginia...

  • These peanuts are grown in Virginia processed and Virginia very good peanuts lotta flavor big size 15 different flavors
  • Big dog Billy’s beef sticks
    The beef sticks are 100% beef no additives no fat we have six different flavors v...

  • These beef sticks are 100% beef family recipe they are 6 inches in LongThey are very low in carbs they have a very good flavor and a very good Texter