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We've been designing jewelry for over 30 years. Our pieces are fabricated or carved then cast in 14k gold. I've been cutting stones for over 20 years and most of our gemstones are custom cut using one of a kind cutting diagrams to insure that our customers will never see a stone exactly like it. Each designs comes with a signed copy of the diagram along with the origin of the gem rough. We are very proud that every step from the design ,casting ,stone cutting and finish work is done by us.


stone cutting 2022


  • Diamond Cut Kashmir Blue Sapphire
    Custom Cut Blue Sapphire set in a 14K yellow Gold hand carved comfort fit ring design....

  • It's very hard to get top quality stones of any type, let alone find a piece of  clean high end Sapphire to cut. This Kashmir Blue color is my favorite and is the most sought after.  I cut this stone using a modified brilliant cutting diagram. When cutting a stone you never know what it might look like when your done, but i couldn't have been any happier with this one.
  • Pear Shape Madeira Citrine Ring
    Strong color Pear Shaped Madeira Citrine set in a comfort fit 14K freestyle ring design....

  • Citrine is sometimes a tough stone to work with. If it's too light a color it can be washed out and if it's too dark it can be dead. I usually look for the stronger yellow orange or root beer color Madeira Citrine which seems to show up the best. This ring design is not a really big piece so choosing the right stone color is critical.

  • Green and White Diamond freestyle Gold Ring
    .78ct TW. Green and White Diamond comfort fit 14K Gold ring....

  • This is a piece that i just delivered. When you are designing a ring that the stones are to be set side by side they have to be a perfect match. The green diamond was a perfectly cut VS quality and the white was a F color GIA certified tripple Ex. which is excellent Cut , Symmetry ,and Polish. The design was a challenge because i wanted to have an area of both stones left open, so i had to use realy heavy gold to hold them in place. I try to keep clean lines and not get too busy. One of the most important parts of any of our ring designs is to have a heavy rolled comfort fit band. The ring should feel smooth as butter when you slide it on your finger .   
  • Rhodolite Garnet Pendant in 14k Gold
    14k Pendant Carved then cast in Yellow Gold...

  • Our designs are carved then cast to fit the stone. We never use prongs so that the stone actually becomes part of the design. This allows us to keep smooth clean lines with nothing to get caught on clothing. You never have to worry about loosing a stone. 

  • 14k Gold Earrings
    Limited Edition Hand Carved left and right earring design cast in 14k Gold....

  • Most of our earring designs are carved as a left and right pair. This adds a high degree of difficulty to each piece because they have to match.  If you change what ear you put them in it gives you a completely different look. We try to have new designs added to our collection every year. It can be really difficult to come up with new ideas that don't look like something else you have done in the past.