Artistry Lather

Fredericksburg,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 618

Artistry Lather blossomed from a 10 year old's love for bath bombs. Selene had gotten a few bath bombs for Christmas. Then she wanted to learn how to make her own. That grew into a desire to sell them with her own company. As the business grew a desire to offer additional products developed. She knew that she needed help and expanding into a family business with the help of her parents. Selene's next business venture turned into writing children's books. However, was created Artistry Lather.


BTS Soap Making


  • Bathbombs
    Our Artisan created bath bombs provide a luxurious bath
    experience from start to finish! They smell so good you'd
    want to eat them but we don't recommend you do that!
    Our motto is "Say Bye-Bye to boring bath time"...

  • Your water and our bath bomb – a perfect friendship. The bath you deserve is made with the best ingredients like all-natural coconut oil. For a soothing and relaxing experience treat yourself to a luxurious bath like never before with our handmade bath bombs!
  • Artisan Soap
    Hand-crafted Artisan soaps made with love that
    are sure to leave you smelling, feeling and
    actually clean without any icky chemicals...

  • A luxurious handcrafted artisan soap made with the most natural ingredients for a creamy, bubbly and cleansing bar of soap.
  • Sugar Scrubs
    Scrub! Scrub! Baby! Our Sugar Scrubs help to
    exfoliate your skin revealing all the softness and
    smoothness you can handle....

  • Our sugar scrub both exfoliates and leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth while giving you an aromatherapy experience in your own shower.
  • Body Butter
    Say hello to smooth supple skin. Artistry Lather Body Butters
    provides all-natural skin nourishing experience....

  • Treat your body to our light and fluffy whipped butter to soothe, nourish and indulge your skin.
  • Body Wash
    Our creamy body wash is made with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Cleanse and moisturize your skin at the same time...

  • Made with premium ingredients this body wash is brimming with moisturizing and repairing qualities. Our shower gel is smooth and thick, and produces a great lather. This body wash gel will leave you feeling clean and soft!