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Creator of handmade quilted home décor items including cozy quilts, colorful wall hangings, festive table runners and placemats, Christmas tree skirts and more. These beautiful handmade home décor products offer a wide variety of styles; from country décor to modern and contemporary. Come by a take a look at our unique collections.


  • Fresh Paisley Place mat and Napkin Set
    Classic Fresh Paisley Set

    Make table décor pretty and cozy with a Paisley Place mat Set. Great for casual even formal table settings....

  • Isn’t She Captivating?

    Emily is particular. She loves her gardens, her tea, cucumber sandwiches. She apologizes profusely and throws parties at her “cottage” in the country.

    When she asks where you found your place mats and napkins, you know you’re doing something right.

    This enchanting set is perfect for garden parties, evening parties with friends, not-so-pretentious dinners with the in-laws, or sneaking off for some alone time to enjoy cookies and tea (again).

    Fresh Paisley Quilted Place mat Napkin Set of 8. Fluttery paisley charms and keeps your decor looking cool and fresh. A paisley design with blues and green design. A splash of lavender. Placemats measure approx. 17” x 14”. The napkins are approx. 17” x 17” Handmade in the U.S.A

    Made with the utmost of care  

    • The placemats 100% cotton front and back make them long-wearing. Machine washable. Great for easy living
    • The inside layer maintains the placemat shape and firmness
    • A 90-day money-back guarantee makes this a great choice

    Come buy to get your Fresh Paisley Placemat and napkin set of 8. 

  • Kaleidoscope Quilt
    Kaleidoscope of Color

    This handmade quilt is ideal for updating a living room sofa or bed in a modern décor or industrial decorated space. Click for more....

  • Color Love

    This handmade quilt measures a rich 72” x 54 ” and is a perfect cover to stay and keep warm. Handmade this Kaleidoscope quilt is ideal for cozying while watching a movie. It is perfect with modern home decor or industrial modern decor. 

    Imagine this quilt blanket as a charming focal point. It looks fantastic as bedroom wall decor over the bed or as an accent for a leather sofa or modern couch.

    Created using time honored traditional quilting techniques this quilt has intricately hand crafted quilt blocks. It is an original work of art. Tonal variations enhance the individuality, character and uniqueness of this creation.

    •             100% cotton top and lining makes it long lasting. Machine washable.Great for a casual life style.

    •             Inner cotton layer adds texture and comfort.

    Stop by and take a look.

  • Stars on Teal Quilted Accent Pillow 20 inches
    Star Watch

    Add vibrant color with a Stars on Teal throw pillow. Textured design and modern elements creates an accent pillow that speaks volumes....

  • Highlight any Style

    This stylish Stars on Teal quilted accent pillow measures 20” x 20”, is perfect support for comfort while decorating your home. It also makes a delightful gift for that special person you know who loves casual decor.

    This lovely quilted throw pillow will look great on any loveseat, sofa or bed. The best thing is it does not lose its shape over time.

    Made with the utmost of standards this quilted accent pillow

    •          100% cotton front and back with a third quilting layer makes it great for casual living.

    •          The inside stuffing (made with our special formual) gives the pillow a comfy and squishy feel.

    Come by and take a look. You will love it.

  • Deborah Quilted Table Runner
    Glamourous Décor

    This quilted table runner is perfect for modern or glamour home décor. The modern design updates a dining table even a dresser runner.

  • Modern Glamour

    This quilted table runner is ideal for protecting furniture from wear and tear. It makes a wonderful highlight for glamour home decor or romantic table decor.  It looks great on a dining room table or as a quilted dresser runner.

    Made with the utmost care this quilted table runner;

    • 100% cotton front and back makes the table runner long-wearing. Machine washable.Perfect for easy living.
    • Third inside quilting layer gives it texture and dimension.

    This table runner’s versatile design updates with just the right touch to make your modern home décor one of a kind.

    Drop by to see this exciting handmade table runner today.

  • Happy Easter Quilted Table Runner
    Catch spring fever with this whimsical Easter Table Runner

    All the essentials of Easter overflows in this wonderful handmade Easter table runner....

  • Quick and Easy Easter Decorating  

    This delightful handmade Easter table runner is a wonderful way to protect your furniture from scratches and wear.  Imagine all the perfect places to add Easter décor, the kitchen table, living room coffee table and more.

    Made with time honored and modern quilting techniques this table topper has

    • 100% cotton top and lining making it long wearing. Machine washable. Perfect for easly living.   
    • third inner layer gives it dimention making it cozy.

    Stop by the booth to get your Happy Easter table runner.