Fossil Foundry

Burke,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 809

Fossil Foundry is an independent producer of hand made primarily steel sculptures focused on the fossilized forms of prehistoric animals. Using the latest anatomical diagrams and descriptions of extinct fauna, Fossil Foundry aims to recreate the magnificent creatures of the past for public and private display.


Fossil Foundry


  • Steel Deinonychus Claw Bottle Opener
    Steel deinonychus claw is hand made using a plasma cutter, grinder and polisher. Functioning both as a decorative object and as a bottle opener, this item makes for an excellent addition to any dinosaurs lovers collection....

  • This steel deinonychus claw was hand made using a plasma cutter, grinder and polisher. Functioning both as a decorative object and as a bottle opener, this item makes for an excellent addition to any dinosaurs lovers.

    5.5-6 inches long collection.

  • Dimetrodon Full Sized Steel Skeleton
    Life size outdoor steel Dimetrodon Skeleton....

  • The Dimetrodon was a large non-mammal synapsid that lived during the Permian period around 280 million years ago.  Its is thought that its large sail may have been used for thermoregulation and possibly for sexual display. Using diagrams of the fossils this sculpture was hand cut, shaped and welded together using unique designs. This piece is made for outdoor display and will gain a layer of rust over time which will give it a rustic fossilized look.
  • Steel Saber Tooth Skull
    life size steel Saber tooth cat skull...


    The smilodon, also known as the saber tooth cat, was a ferocious predator that staked the earth from Europe to north and even south America during the last ice age up to a 10,000 years ago. Using there massive 6 inch long incisors they would take down mega fauna of the time to great effect.

    This skull is made from 1/4 inch plate steel that was plasma cut, shaped, welded and polished by hand using a original sabretooth skull design I based on multiple paleontological diagrams. This unique sculpture will make a fine addition to any paleontology enthusiasts home. Includes a stand with screw attachment for easy removal and positioning.

    15 inches long by 17 inches tall with stand,


  • Life sized Steel Ceratosaurus Skull
    Life size Steel Ceratosaurus Skull...


    This life sized ceratosaurus skull was hand made from plate steel using a unique design. The ceratosaurus, whose name means "horn lizard", was a large carnivorous dinosaur from late Jurassic north America and lived along other notable dinosaurs such as stegosaurus and allosaurus. Measuring in at just over two feet long this dinosaur skull makes a prefect addition to any paleo-enthusiasts collection

    With stand: 24" long, 26" tall, 12" wide

    weight: 57lb

  • life sized Steel Velociraptor skeleton
    life sized Steel Velociraptor skeleton...

  •   The infamous Velociraptor was a small carnivorous dinosaur from cretaceous Mongolia. Preying on Protoceratops, small mammals and reptiles this animal would have been deadly to encounter despite its small size.     Hand cut, bent and welded this life sized custom steel Velociraptor skeleton is built with steel stakes that when placed in the ground support the sculpture, this rustic Velociraptor will make an excellent addition to any dinosaur enthusiasts garden.     6 feet long, 3 feet tall