Knarr Designs

Voorheesville,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 207

I am designing and making vests from luxurious deer skin leather hides mixed together with fish skin leather (Salmon, Perch, Wolf fish byproduct of the fishing industry) and other exotic leathers (Ostrich, Lizard). The hides have natural elements, ragged edges, some smooth lines, marks and some holes. In the designs I try to save as many of these original, organic elements as much as possible for a unique look. From the extra leather I make ties, bow ties, embezzlement belts, hats and bracelets.


  • Julianna Knarr Deer leather vest with tie
    Luxurious Deer leather vest with Ostrich leather tie and Stingray leather bracelets....

  • Luxurious Deer leather vest with Salmon leather fillers and Salmon leather bow tie. The vest has the original, natural edges finished with burnishing technic.