Clay Pot Swings

Sea Bright,  NJ 
United States
  • Booth: 526

Clay Pot Swings is a vertical gardening apparatus I create in my studio to help homeowners beautify there growing space. From “Lumber Yard to Your Yard” is how I describe my craft as I do start by spending time at the lumber yard picking out my lumber for my 20 plus different items that I design for either standing, hanging or wall mounting your favorite foliage inside or outside. I use a combination of Pressure Treated Pine, Zebra Wood, Cedar, White Oak, Poplar and Mahogany type woods.


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  • 2 Pot Mini Zebra Swing
    A 7" long Mini Swing made of a beautiful Zebra Wood from Africa which will hold 2 of the 4" Terra Cotta clay pots to display cactus or succulents in a sunny window, visit us at booth 526 or

  • This beautiful exotic lumber we call Zebra Wood originates in Africa, a beautiful hardwood that after it is sanded, oil stained and urethaned allows the grain to accentuate any sunny window
  • 3 Pot Shwing
    The 3 shelf hanging shelf swing we call a "Shwing" is also great in front of a sunny window to display cactus or succulents in one of its three 4" terra cotta clay pots, visit us at booth 526 or

  • Made from select pine and suspeneded and threaded with 500 tensil strength para cord, each shelf is secured with an adjustable para lock to adjust each shelf to your desired height
  • Air Shwing
    This little gem is made from repurposed pine and will hold a 1.5" clay pot so you can display a succulent or small cactus and if you don't desire the clay pot then remove it and insert and Airplant, visit our booth 526 or

  • Made from repurposed pine and able to hold a cactus or succulent in the supplied clay pot or if you desire then remove the pot and insert an air plant.

    This piece is hand assembled with para cord and the shelf is adjustable with  the use of para locks to adjust the shelf

  • 4 Pot Large Mahogany Tower
    A 4 Pot Large Sapele Mahogany Tower with 4 of the large 8 " Clay Pots, visit us at space 526 or

  • A 4 Pot Large Sapele Mahogany Tower with 4 of the large 8 " Clay Pots, visit us at space 526 or
  • 4 Pot Medium Tower
    This little gem will hold up to 4 or the 6" clay pots, constructed out of Pressure Treated Pine in many colors, visit booth 526 or

  • Constructed out of pressure treated pine and then coated with an outdoord stain and finished with an outdoor Spar Urethane, available in 10 colors