Dizzy Blondes Jewelry

Suffolk,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 639

With almost 30 years of experience in making jewelry, I travel throughout the east coast to participate in arts and craft shows and festivals. I hand paint, design and create earrings, barrettes and necklaces with an antique motif. Many of my items have a botanical theme but I also have a large seasonal selection.


  • chandelier earrings with beads
    Layered chandelier earrings that I painted in warm blended colors. The fiber optic beads add depth and movement....

  • Brass blanks that I bent, punched and antiqued for texture and detail. I hand painted each piece with my own mix of metal paint. I made coordinating fiber optic bead drops with antique bronze caps and attached for added interest and movement. 
  • Bee barrette
    This hand painted leaf and bee barrette is a nod to the ‘save the bees’ movement. The suspended bee gives the barrette unique interest....

  • Once I have decided my theme, I bend, trim, shape and punch brass blanks. I then hand painted each piece, and attached my design to a high quality French Barrette. I like to add extra pieces such as the suspended bee for a unique touch. The item is lightweight and is suitable for thin to medium thickness hair. 
  • Jewel tone layered earrings
    Multiple layers of hand painted items with a botanical theme. The jewel tone colors are complimented by a deep violet suspended bead. Lots of layers yet still lightweight. Surgical stainless steel wires....

  • I assembled the items I wanted for this botanical theme earring set. I trimmed and bent the brass blanks, applied my antique solution, and hand painted the leaves. I applied a patina paint to a thin brass blank and then sealed all the pieces. After layering them on surgical stainless steel French wires, I attached a violet bead drop with an antique motif bead cap. 
  • Mermaid Barrette
    Mermaid on scallop shells and sand dollar barrette with Swarovski Crystals...

  • This mermaid barrette consists of scallop shells, sand dollars, and a spray of Swarovski crystals. All brass blanks have been hand painted in rich aquatic colors. Multiple coats of a sealant are applied to protect the color and finish.  Although the items are painted brass, it is very lightweight and easy to use on all hair types. It is attached to a high quality French Barrette mechanism for durability. 
  • Dogwood Barrette
    Handpainted Dogwood barrette with beaded ‘seads’ with a floral painted backing....

  • This dogwood barrette is hand painted in natural colors. I have added micro beads as 'seads'. I painted a floral back in coordinating colors. The bar is attached to a quality French Barrette for durability and ease of use. The barrette is 80mm- suitable for medium thickness hair.