Modern Art by Elva

Virginia Beach,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 528

I create art for decorating a home and making it special and unique so the homeowner will enjoy their space every day. It’s also perfect for the home office and business environment. My artwork is primarily abstract and colorful, although I also love to create calmer, textural pieces that work great for people who prefer a neutral decor. I work mostly in Mixed Media because I love the freedom it gives me to be creative. My prices are affordable with a range of sizes and price points.


  • Resin Ocean Art
    12"x16" canvas panel set off by a lovely white & weathered gray frame....

  • This is from my new Collection, "Ocean Inspired Art". It combines 3 things I love about creating art - texture, color, & the unexpected! With the combination of soothing waves & beautiful ocean blues, this collection is meant to inspire relaxation. It was made with resin, color pigments, mica, sand, various types of shells, rocks, & a piece of driftwood.

  • Lady In the Black Hat
    18"x24" acrylic painting on stretched canvas...

  • This fun painting was created by letting the paint do what the paint wanted to do. I was able to guide it somewhat but not totally. Happily for me, a relatively rare serendipity moment ocurred when the figure of a woman in a black hat was there when I came back to view it the next day! 
  • Limitless
    24"x18" acrylic painting on stretched canvas...

  • This blue with lime green and lime green stripes is subtle but vibrant and colorful. The gloss acrylic varnish adds depth to the colors while providing a sealing layer of protection.
  • Examples of Matted 8x10 Mixed Media Collages
    5"x7" Mixed Media Collage with 8"x10" mat on mixed media paper...

  • These are just a few examples of my smaller mixed media pieces. Some are also framed. Without a frame, they can be displayed on a tabletop easel to enliven a shelf, a small table, etc. They are made with various materials, such as papers, fabrics, resin pieces, acrylic paint, mesh, yarn, etc. They are sealed with acrylic varnish for protection.
  • Dainty Yet Strong
    24"x18" Acrylic painting on stretched canvas...

  • This fluid painting is delightful and full of unique moments of serendipity. It is sealed for protection.