K&S Wood Crafts LLC

Woodbridge,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 719

We are a family craft team from Northern Virginia, working exclusively with Olive Wood. All items are carefully crafted and made into aesthetically pleasing yet functional kitchenware, home and personal decor. We use traditional and modern tools as lathes, burr tools, sanders, band and scroll saws to create our products. This is a family tradition dating back 3 generations of wood workers.


  • Olive Wood Kitchenware
    Handmade olive wood kitchen tools such as spoons, spatulas, ladles, bowls, plates, cups, mortar and pestle and cutting boards are the main staple in our kitchenware assortment....

  • All our items are made from sustainably sourced from the family Olive Wood farm in from North Africa. Only trees that no longer carry olives for Olive Oil and Olives (consumption), will be cut down. Olive Trees are historic trees, representing youth, longevity, and durability. North African Olive Wood is known to be a hard wood species, dense, and non-porous, making it the best wood for long-lasting, aesthetically-pleasing kitchenware. 

    Besides its great historic significance, the Olive Tree is cherished by all 3 Abrahamic religions. In the Holy Bible, both the Old and New Testament, the Olive Tree enters the erarth with the Noah's flood and ended in two Olive Trees witnessing Revelation. In the Holy Qur'an, the Olive trees, fruit, and oil are revered for their shade, medicinal and nutritional properties in sustaining humanity. 

    We create a wide selection of different kitchenware items. Please do not hesitate to ask for any customization requests.