Mara Homemade

Falls Church,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 811

Mara Homemade makes handcrafted, one-of-a-kind scarves, which fall into two categories: ecoprinted silk scarves and wool-on-silk felted scarves. The ecoprinted scarves use botanical materials (leaves, flowers, etc.) for their imagery, while the felted scarves span a range of felting techniques using Merino and other high-quality wools and silks. We also make some accessories, including a range of magnetic brooches to hold scarves in place. Seeing is believing, so check out our website!


  • 04-00461
    Felted wool scarf, BFL wool-silk blend, 14" x 76"....

  • Frabjous Fibers "Arachne" hand-dyed 80% oatmeal BFL / 20% Tussah silk, stretched and randomly placed on black bubble silk. 14" x 76".

  • 04-00466
    Felted wool scarf, BFL wool on silk, 13" x 84"....

  • Sheep Shed Mountain View Farm natural BFL wool with black Tencel threads on white seersucker silk with added silk decoration. 13" x 84".

  • 04-00472
    Felted wool scarf, Merino wool on silk, 12" x 74"....

  • Malabrigo "Boreal" hand-dyed 100% merino wool stretched and randomly placed on black bubble silk with added silk decoration. 12" x 74".

  • 19-00344
    Ecoprint, sumac on silk, 90" x 22"....

  • Ecoprint using sumac leaves on 100% Habotai silk. 90" x 22".

  • 19-00368
    Ecoprint, onion skin on silk, 72" x 14"....

  • Ecoprint using red and brown onion skins on 12mm 100% Habotai satin silk. 72" x 14”.