Art Nouveau Tiles

Moneta,  VA 
United States
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We have a collection of antique European Art Nouveau period tiles that are custom framed to enhance the beauty. Each tile is original and over 100 years old. The European tile companies had artists and designers on staff that designed them so each one is a small work of art executed on clay tile.


  • German Mackintosh Roses
    Outstanding German Mackintosh rose tile circa 1905....

  • Outstanding German Mackintosh rose tile circa 1905.  Maker Norddeutsche Steingutfabrik (NStG), Bremen-Grohn, Germany.  Charles Rennie Mackintosh is a famous Scottish Art Nouveau designer and this circular rose is one of his designs.  The crazing in the tile is pronounced and adds to the tile’s appeal.  This tile is shown on page 147 of Michael Wiesser’s authoritative book “Jugendstilfliesen”.  This is a unique German collector’s item and antique art work!

  • German Floral Tile
    Rare German tile with beautiful colors...

  • Gorgeous and rare German floral tile circa 1910.  Maker Sächsische Ofen und Wandplattenwerke A.G. (SOM- AG) in Meissen, Germany.  Beautiful colors and glaze, rich blue and complimentary green and gold.  The vorm. E.T. on back means formerly known as Ernst Teichert.  This tile shown on page 106 of Michael Weisser’s authoritative book Jugendstilfliesen (Art Nouveau Tiles).  Mortar on back indicate that this tile was removed from the walls of an historic German home or building.

  • Dutch Harbor Scene
    German tile of two Dutch women near a harbor....

  • Wonderful German tile circa 1910.  Maker Boizenburg Plattenfabrik A.G., in Boizenburg on the river Elbe.  Design (Muster) 334B.  Boizenburg made high quality tiles prized by collectors.  This one is no exception.  At least 6 colors and the glaze is brilliant.  Lack of mortar on the back indicates the tile was installed in a piece of antique furniture.