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United States
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We've been designing jewelry for over 30 years. Our pieces are fabricated or carved then cast in 14k gold. I've been cutting stones for over 20 years and most of our gemstones are custom cut using one of a kind cutting diagrams to insure that our customers will never see a stone exactly like it. Each designs comes with a signed copy of the diagram along with the origin of the gem rough. We are very proud that every step from the design ,casting ,stone cutting and finish work is done by us.


stone cutting 2022



  • Freestyle design earrings carved then cast in 14k yellow gold.
  • Carved cross design
    This freestyle cross design was carved then cast in 14k yellow gold...

  • We tried to create a piece that wasn't an in your face religeous statement but it could be if you want it to.  People see a lot of different things in the shape.
  • Aquamarine Modified Heart Pendant
    Custom one of a kind Heart pendant set in a carved then cast 14k yellow gold mount....

  • This design was a brilliant heart shape. The material we used for this cut came from Brazil . it's been getting harder and harder to find this quality in larger pieces. The color is exactly what you would expect from a fine aquamarine. 
  • Open Sweep earrings
    freestyle design carved then cast in 14k gold....

  • This design has a very sleek look. It has a gradual sweep that lets the light hit from all angles . Although the design looks clean and simple it is one of our most difficult to make to get an exact match.
  • Diamond Ring
    75ct. diamond set in a freestyle yellow gold design...

  • This open design ring is very interesting because the stone is still protected going in and out of pockets but  still gives the illusion of floating in the ring. The ring could be altered to take between .50ct-1ct. stone.  Very close to the hand fit with no prongs to snag.