Manassas,  VA 
United States
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  • Twisted lamp
    Natural twisted tree branch made into a decorative lamp with dimmer switch. Approximately 3 foot in length. ...

  • Framed tree samples
    Treated wood samples collected from local trees and secured behind glass frame. 30 x 30 inches in size. ...

  • Spirit bottle lamp
    Bottles of rare or popular Spirits made into lamps with hand made shades. ...

  • Walnut table and lazy susan
    Table made from a single piece of a fallen walnut tree with both sides functional as a table or lazy susan with layers of polyurethane for protection. 22" in diameter and 18" tall. ...

  • Wooden lamp with glass windows
    Natrual treated Wooden lamp with long 12" LED lamp, light diffuser and dimmer switch to control brightness. The frames containd cut glass. 8x8x18 inches....

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