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  • Microscopy
    Introducing the new compact Thermo Fisher EVOS M3000 for your cell culture studies.
    The EVOS M3000 imaging system is designed to reduce bias out of confluency measurements. Equipped with on-board intelligence, the microscope will provide on-the-fly confluency measurement alongside motion detection. In addition, the new EVOS M3000 is a modular and upgradable system, offering functional imaging flexibility (brightfield, phase-contrast, two-channel fluorescence, and color imaging) - all in a small footprint.
    The features of EVOS M3000 include:
    -Simple user interface with touchscreen display. No training required.
    -Small EVOS footprint – fits easily on the lab bench or in a cell culture hood.
    -Brightfield, phase contrast, color imaging, and fluorescence capabilities.
    -Network-capable instrument, connected to the Thermo Fisher Connect cloud ecosystem and MS OneDrive.
    -Compatible with the full selection of EVOS objectives (1.25 - 100x) and light cubes.
    -Automated real-time image analysis for cell confluency to speed up cell analysis workflow
    To learn more stop by the Thermo Fisher booth (number 803), or go to thermofisher.com/evos....