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  • mPAGE® Lux Casting System for Ready-to-Use Gels in 3 Minutes
     Researchers who use gel electrophoresis applications in their workflows face limited gel options. Hand-cast gels are cost-effective and customizable but require manual preparation and may lead to inconsistent results. Precast gels are convenient and reliable but often have limited flexibility and higher costs compared to hand-cast gels.

    With speed and sustainability top of mind, the new mPAGE® Lux Casting System offers a balance by saving time and resources. The new mPAGE® Lux Casting System delivers ready-to-use gels in just 3 minutes. Additionally, using pH-neutral Bis-Tris reagents offers sharper bands and does not require toxic chemicals, like TEMED and APS, enabling higher-quality and safer results.

    Making fresh gels exactly when needed is now possible with the mPAGE® Lux Casting System. With shorter run times compared to traditional methods, researchers can generate reliable results to efficiently move their research forward instead of waiting for their gels to be ready for use.
    Gels made with the mPAGE® Lux Casting System and gel solution kits support a variety of acrylamide gels between 8.0-13.5%. Additionally, these gels use the same running buffers and gel stains as other mPAGE® gel products.

    An island of possibilities is now available with the immense time savings the mPAGE® Lux Casting System delivers. Discover the full range of mPAGE® Lux Casting System benefits that await researchers who need rapid, publication-quality results: