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ALSEAMAR markets the SEAEXPLORER, a next-generation glider fitted with a range of unique sensors to collect various long-term & large-scale real-time ocean data in a very cost-effective manner. First commercialized in 2012, the SEAEXPLORER has been designed to be a modular and user-friendly glider. Main advantages are the rechargeable batteries (money/time saving), interchangeable payload sections, bigger room for sensors, larger ballast (1000cc), robustness and a relentless quest for innovation!


  • SeaExplorer
    The SEAEXPLORER is a next-generation glider fitted with rechargeable batteries and a range of unique sensors to collect various long-term/large-scale real-time ocean data in a very cost-effective manner....

  • SEAEXPLORER: The innovative and user-friendly glider

    A next-generation glider

    The SEAEXPLORER glider moves through the water by varying its buoyancy. It has proved its great maneuverability in strong currents and areas of high density gradients. The SEAEXPLORER does not have wings nor external moving parts which facilitates launch and recovery operations and significantly lower the risk of leaks.

    Green technology and modularity

    Power supply is only by rechargeable batteries. As well as avoiding pollution, the Li-Ion solution makes the glider safer as the vehicle does not need to be opened, and more cost-effective by avoiding the need to replace the batteries and re-balance the vehicle for each mission. Its modular design includes a large and independent payload section that can be changed quickly between  missions.

    Very cost-effective data gathering

    It resurfaces regularly to transmit information back to the operator including its GPS-position and scientific data. A networked hardware and software suite allows constant vehicle supervision and mission control from anywhere in the world via the internet by using a server available 24/7 for vehicles calls.