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  • AquapHOx Logger
    The new compact AquapHOx sensor platform offers an unmatched flexibility for accurate pH measurements, ultra-fast O2 and T monitoring and trace O2 detection in our oceans. It is available as stand-alone underwater logger and as cutting-edge OEM solutions....

  • AquapHOx-New flexible optical sensor platform for monitoring our oceans

    PyroScience offers advanced sensor solutions based on compact stand-alone, PC-operated or OEM fiber-optic instruments (made in Germany) in combination with a great variety of optical oxygen, pH and temperature sensors. Now PyroScience introduces a cost-effective and easy-to-operate underwater sensor platform for ocean monitoring. This new AquapHOx technology enables accurate pH measurements, ultra-fast O2 & T monitoring and profiling, and trace O2 detection. The AquapHOx platform allows for the first time to measure several parameters down to 4000m with the same compact instrument. Simply exchange the sensor cap, choose between different analytes (pH, O2 or T) and sensor formats. This cutting-edge one-device solution features gain of performance with a reduction of costs and is available as stand-alone underwater AquapHOx logger, as unit with real-time data transmission and as flexible OEM solution.