SOAR Sponsorship Opportunities

Position your company to be top-of-mind for solid waste and recycling leaders. These marketing and engagement opportunities give your company visibility with key decisionmakers before, during, and after SOAR 2023.

The most successful sponsorships provide one or more of the following components:

  • Thought Leadership — this is an opportunity to provide education to the attendees and let your company showcase its expertise or elevate your brand as a champion of education programs.
  • Improve the Attendee Experience — this might come in the form of hospitality (food & beverage activities), leadership intensives, WIFI, or unexpected things like pop-up entertainment. We’ve identified several special event locations in the vicinity of the conference that give attendees the chance to experience a bit of the city outside the confines of the convention center.
  • VIP Experience — VIP/Invitation-only events, providing special privileges/access for your top customers or prospects. These are great opportunities to meet with groups of attendees to get their feedback on new products or to introduce new services while providing some hospitality and networking for your team and the attendees.

We’ve designed SOAR sponsorship packages with these principles to help your SOAR experience be successful. We can help you blend these components into an effective and meaningful event for you and your customers.

Diamond Sponsorships

Center Stage Package - ($20,000)

Gold Sponsorships

Lasting Impressions Package - ($10,000) Lounge Package - ($10,000) First Impression Package - ($10,000) Thought Leadership Package - ($10,000) 3-R's Package - ($10,000)

Silver Sponsorship

Take a Break Package - ($7,500) Thought Leadership Package - ($7,500)

Bronze Sponsorship

Catalyst Package - ($5,000)

Branding Sponsorship

Brand Showcase Package - ($2,500)