Be part of it.

SSO is a dynamic, global community of cancer surgeons and oncology professionals from across all practice settings, as represented in the SSO 2019 theme, “A Diversity of Expertise. Delivered.”

Be part of the SSO 2019 Diversity of Expertise Campaign and submit your own profile picture. We will showcase SSO members as part of this year’s campaign.

Follow these easy steps to submit your photo:

  1. Have someone take a profile picture of you from the shoulders up (not a body shot).
  2. Stand sideways against a solid, light-colored wall.
  3. Keep your chin up and do not look at the camera.
  4. Using a current smartphone or digital camera, select the highest setting for image quality and provide the largest photo size available.
  5. Email the photo along with your full name, credentials, field of expertise, institution and email address to

PLEASE NOTE:  By submitting the photo and the requested information, you attest that you have the rights to such, and you grant permission to SSO to use the photo and information in connection with its marketing and other related purposes.