Access SSO 2019 Virtually

The SSO has taken the Annual Cancer Symposium online, giving you the opportunity to view presentations at your convenience on any type of device. With the Virtual Meeting, you will receive on-demand access to general session videos and parallel session recordings just days after the live presentation.
To access or purchase the virtual meeting, click the button below and login using your SSO username (your email) and password, or the email that you used to register for the Annual Cancer Symposium.


Access the Virtual Meeting


Purchase Options for the 2019 Virtual Meeting

All SSO 2019 attendees have the opportunity to add the Virtual Meeting as an add-on during registration for $25. For those who pre-purchased during registration, you will be automatically registered and the Virtual Meeting activity will be added to your “Learning” page on ExpertED@SSO just days after the symposium concludes.
For those who were unable to attend the Annual Cancer Symposium, you can purchase the Virtual Meeting on ExpertED@SSO. The Virtual Meeting will be listed in the Catalog under “Virtual Meeting.”

Non-Member $399
International Non-Member $199
Member $299
International Member $99

Purchase the Virtual Meeting

Please note that CME and MOC are not available through watching the Virtual Meeting.

Having trouble purchasing or accessing the Virtual Meeting? Contact SSO at (847) 427-1400 or