SSO HUB Launches at SSO 2020 as Focal Point for Disease-Site Networking, Interactive Education and Innovation

The debut of SSO HUB is happening at SSO 2020 in Boston! SSO HUB is a new and interactive experience that replaces the conventional exhibit hall. The HUB features five clinical zones—Breast/Endocrine, HPB, Melanoma/Sarcoma, Colorectal/Upper GI and Immuno-Oncology—each with its own theater where posters, videos and meet-the-expert sessions will take place. All of this is in addition to the HUB main stage where SSO 2020 attendees will experience: 

  • Networking lounges
  • Clinical Trials Spotlights
  • Mini debates
  • ePosters
  • Case conversations
  • Team competitions

Listen to SSO President-Elect James R. Howe, MD and SSO Andrea Barrio, MD of the SSO Annual Meeting Reimagination Task Force discuss the new SSO Hub. 


Watch this brief video to get a glimpse into the exciting and inviting set-up and surroundings of the HUB—the heartbeat of SSO 2020.

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