Exhibiting at SWANApalooza 2019

From February 25-28, SWANApalooza will bring together professionals from across the industry to create a one-stop-shop for exhibitors and attendees to participate in SWANA’s premiere assemblies: The annual Landfill Symposium, the Landfill Gas & Biogas Symposium, the Road to Zero Waste Conference, and the Spring Training event, all in Boston, MA. Be a part of the conversation; hot topics this year include safety, technological advances, and food disposal.

Why Exhibit at SWANApalooza?

Imagine your organization mingling with some of the most perceptive and influential leaders in the solid waste industry! Grow your professional network and knowledge base exponentially; attend technical sessions to participate in training opportunities designed to advance the field through innovative approaches.

Stay engaged and up to speed with this dynamic industry by securing your spot at the premiere solid waste management event of the year!

Exhibit Space Rates:

Member Non-Member
$34.00 per sq. ft.* $39.00 per sq. ft.*

*Corner Fees Apply ($150 per corner. To qualify for member rates, company must be a SWANA associate member in good standing at time of application.)


Interested in Becoming an Exhibitor? Contact Us!

Companies beginning
with #-D, contact:

Bradley Eubank
c/o SPARGO, Inc.
Exhibits Sales Account Manager
(703) 995-2562

Companies beginning
with E-O, contact:

Mike Mene
c/o SPARGO, Inc.
Event Marketing Specialist
(703) 679-3944

Companies beginning
with P-Z, contact:

Colin Pennington
c/o SPARGO, Inc.
Event Marketing Specialist
(703) 592-4392

We look forward to you joining us in March in Boston, MA!