Adsorption Research Inc.

Dublin,  OH 
United States
  • Booth: 630

Adsorption Research, Inc. (ARI) develops separation and purification technologies, using the principles of adsorption, to address technical and societal challenges. ARI focuses on developing technologies that remove contaminants, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen from biogas. Founded in 1992, ARI to combines industrial, academic, and scientific expertise to offer our clients a full-service solution, taking their most complex separation challenges and making solving them simple.


  • ARI AdvanSorb®--Biogas Processing Technologies
    ARI's patented AdvanSorb®--Biogas processing technologies can remove VOCs, siloxanes, H2S, H2O, CO2, N2, and O2. Our high-efficiency, high-recovery, technologies can meet pipeline, CNG, or LNG specifications....

  • At the Landfill:

    Can remove VOCs, siloxanes, VOCs, siloxanes, H2S, H2O, CO2, N2, and O2.

    • Allows for greater suction on the landfill, which means more methane, lower fugitive emissions and reduced odors, and vastly reduced well-tuning


    Patented, reliable, and highly efficient multi-stage Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) process. Upgrades feed gas to RNG.

    • Removes contaminants to produce high-yield, high-purity, RNG
    • Moderate operating pressure means significant savings in CAPEX & OPEX compared to other technologies

    Control system utilizes ARI's proprietary adaptive control logic.

    • Compensates for fluctuations in feed flow and composition and ambient conditions, keeping product on-spec
    • Allows for data-logging, trend analysis, and remote access to maintain peak performance
    • Easy to train operators & engineers


    Able to meet pipeline, CNG, LNG specifications.

    • Flexible technology can be laid-out to best suit site infrastructure
    • AdvanSorb®-Biogas processing technology allows for ~98%+ methane recovery and purity
    • ARI's AdvanSorb®-LFG NRU can allow you to maximize system revenue and profit, by optimizing product recovery and purity, while also keeping total cost of ownership low.