Xebec Adsorption

Blainville,  QC 
  • Booth: 319

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With over 50 years committed to on-going improvements in gas separation technologies, Xebec Adsorption has developed key advantages in its biogas BGX Solutions :

  • All our biogas plants arrive connection ready, flange to flange
  • Xebec's kinetic adsorbent material is highly selective to biogas/landfill gas components such as CO2, N2, O2 & H2O while allowing methane molecules to pass through the adsorbent bed in a single process step to upgrade landfill, waste water and agri-food biogas.
  • Xebec's proprietary technology fast-cycle rotary valve allows for flexible operation while maintaining gas purity, reducing valve complexity and footprint, resulting in considerable cost savings.
  • Xebec delivers skidded, containerized modules for simple, fast, easy installation
  • Xebec's low pressure PSA operation combined with an advanced control system allows for the lowest possible power consumtion in biogas upgrading.

With North American head office and manufacturing, Xebec has 50+ years of process gas separation experience. As a pioneer in the clean energy industry, Xebec has supplied over 50 biogas and landfill gas upgrading projects worldwide since early 2000. Xebec continues to innovate: along with its digester biogas systems which deliver recoveries of +99%, we now offer recovery rates in the 96% range for Landfill Gas that contains 15% or more of N2/O2. Talk to us about our flange-to-flange solutions.

Brands: BGX Design/Build Solutions: 5000 - >10000 Nm³/h for High-BTU Landfill and WWTP BGX Complete, Modular Solutions: 50 - >5000 Nm³/h for Agri and Commercial-food