Blackhawk Technology Company

Glen Ellyn,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 412

Blackhawk is the leading provider of high-quality, positive-displacement piston pumps for landfill-leachate and elevated-temperature (ET) pumping, gas-well dewatering, groundwater remediation, hydrocarbon/chemical recovery and other applications. Blackhawks pump virtually anything flowable, regardless of chemical composition, viscosity or physical environment. Advanced-technology pneumatic, electric and solar drive motors and power are mounted at surface level, safely & cleanly outside the well.


  • Edge Pneumatic Piston Pump
    Low-cost, high-performance, up to 20% more lift than air-push w/matching SCFM at equal/less price. Anything flowable. Elevated temp, any pH, viscous. No air in well or discharge. Far less maintenance. Eco- & worker-friendly. Greatly extended seal life....

  • Model 101 depth to 280 feet at 2.0 gpm; Model 102 flows to 5.0 gpm at depths to 119 feet.  Greater surface clearance and closed secondary-containment system are breakthrough innovations improving stuffing-box efficiencies and preserving seals.  Mechanical driver and all power are above and outside the wellhead, ensuring no air contacts the fluid being pumped.  No fugitive air means less bio-fouling, carbonate crystalization and air locks along discharge line, allowing greater efficiency and longer pump life.  Indifferent to pressure, pumps any angle to vertical.  Easier, safer, faster servicing at grade -- no pump pulling.