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Scale Problems? Calcite Scale, Leachate Scale, Struvite Scale or Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) Scale – Solve your problems with Electronic Pulse Power Water Treatment Systems!


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    Scale Problems? Calcite, Leachate, Struvite or NaOH Scale – Solved with Electronic Pulse Power Water Treatment...

  • Pulse Power Electronic Resonance Water Treatment System have a proven track record of removing existing scale and preventing scale from forming in a number of applications without hazardous chemicals or time consuming mechanical methods of removal.

    Calcite Scale is a problem on piping and heat transfer equipment surfaces such as boilers, cooling towers, chillers heat exchangers and process application;

    Leachate Scale backing up flow in landfills can cause leachate to overflow or landfill gas wells to have reduced flow;

    Struvite Scale fouling in water treatment plants can cause shut downs;

    Sodium Hydroxide Scale (NaOH) can clog pipes causing shut downs. These scale problems are costly to clean and cause operational issues.

    Pulse Power Electronic Resonance Water Treatment Systems successfully eliminated these problems in most applications - reducing operating costs and eliminating potentially hazardous conditions.