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SCS Engineers is an environmental consulting and contracting firm serving public and private clients. Our core capabilities are in solid waste and hazardous waste management, energy, remediation and environmental compliance. Our clients depend on the combination of SCS professional expertise, SCS leadership, and our roster of National Experts who consistently bring value to each solution. We use our environmental regulatory systems knowledge to help shorten project timelines and stay on budget.


  • Meet SCS’s Leachate and Wastewater Experts
    Managing landfill leachate is increasingly challenging and costly. SCS Engineers has arranged to provide you with the opportunity to meet with global leachate and wastewater experts at the SCS booth during WASTECON’s exhibit hours....

  • The leachate treatment experts will provide you with the opportunity to discuss the issues and challenges at your landfill’s leachate handling/treatment facilities. The experts can discuss with you leachate treatment and management options, best practices, and strategies that make sense at your specific facility and under your site-specific conditions. They can help supplement your knowledge of best practices and provide insight into technology or practices that could be the most effective to help lower your operational costs.

    Meet the Experts

    Frank Natau, Senior Expert for treatment of leachate and waste-derived effluents at WEHRLE, a global provider of landfill leachate and system solutions for cleaning highly polluted wastewater with over 300 leachate treatment facilities in successful operation at landfill facilities worldwide.

    Dr. Bernd Fitzke, Ph.D. is Chief Technology Officer at WEHRLE. Dr. Fitzke is head of wastewater technology at WEHRLE, and he has completed international research projects regarding design, construction, and improvement of wastewater treatment systems. His most recent work focused on process integrated biological and oxidative wastewater treatment.

    Sam Cooke, PE, CEM, MBA, is SCS’s National Liquids Management Director with nearly three decades of professional and project management experience in engineering with a concentration in environmental and wastewater engineering.

    Dr. Viraj de Silva, PE, has over 26 years of progressive experience in wastewater engineering, from concept through construction and start-up, and is an international leader in wastewater systems operations and maintenance, energy management, solids handling processes, construction management, and commissioning of wastewater treatment plants around the world.

    What Can You Expect to Learn?

    • What the best practices are for reliable performance when variations occur with leachate volume and contaminant loads.
    • What is required for reliable operation of leachate treatment systems, in difficult climatic conditions.
    • How modular design makes for simpler maintenance and upgradability at lower overall costs of wastewater treatment facilities.
    • How automated leachate treatment operation minimizes supervision and makes the plant operation run smoother.
    • Why certain treatment technologies are better suited for leachate treatment than their alternatives.
    • Why having the correct leachate flow and quality information can save you in treatment capital and operational costs.