Blackhawk Technology Company

Glen Ellyn,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 333

Blackhawk Technology is the industry’s leading provider of positive-displacement piston pumps for landfill-leachate pumping, methane gas-well dewatering, groundwater remediation, hydrocarbon/chemical brownfield recovery and other applications. Blackhawk pumps virtually anything flowable, regardless of chemical composition, viscosity or physical environment. Advanced-technology pneumatic, electric and solar drive motors are mounted at surface level, safely and cleanly outside the well or sump.


  • Apollo Solar Pump
    Blackhawk’s popular and economical Apollo Solar-Powered Piston Pump™ is a durable, ecologically friendly pump designed for a number of diverse applications, including closed & remote sites. With few moving parts, little maintenance is required....

  • Apollo’s highly efficient ⅜-hp linear-rod driver is mounted above the wellhead for safer, easier installation and servicing at surface grade. Model 101 pumps to flows of 1.1 gpm (4.1 lpm) at 400 feet (122m.); Model 102 to 2.7 gpm (10 lpm) at 175 ft (53 m.).

    Both maintain a steady flow to maximum depth, are unaffected by differential pressure and can be mounted at any angle from vertical to horizontal. Apollos pump in all seasons, including winter. They are operating successfully throughout the U.S. in latitudes as far north as Toronto.

    Apollo is also available with electric grid power: Apollo-AC Electric Piston Pump™.