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Terramac is a leading manufacturer of rubber tracked crawler carriers offering a variety of models which include: 360° rotating RT14R, rugged RT14, mid-sized RT9, and nimble RT6. Exerting minimal ground pressure makes units ideal for hauling soil for the daily cap. When combined with a spraying applicator the units are perfect for applying alternative daily cover slurry. Terramac carriers are supported by a full line dealer network delivering localized sales, parts, service and support.


  • RT14R Crawler Carrier
    The Terramac RT14R rotating rubber tracked crawler carrier conquers adverse ground conditions while offloading materials at any angle or on the go to reduce cycle times and maximize productivity while hauling and laying daily cover on landfills....

  • The Terramac RT14R rotating crawler carrier is designed for all-terrain, heavy duty material hauling with increased efficiency and enhanced operator safety. The carrier boasts a 28,000-lb. carrying capacity for hauling daily cover on landfills, and is built with a rugged 360-degree rotating upper frame to offload materials at any angle or on the go. The rotation on the RT14R ensures operators maintain a face forward position and creates less track wear, resulting in reduced downtime and repair expenses for landfill management contractors.

    With a ground pressure of just 8.3-psi, the RT14R travels effortlessly across loose and wet ground conditions where wheeled machines are likely to get stuck. The exclusive tilt hood and rear cab enclosures provide easy access to the engine, fluids and filters to simplify routine maintenance. The Terramac RT14R is American made, built entirely of premium components and backed by a full dealer network for increased access to parts, service and support

  • RT6 Crawler Carrier
    The Terramac RT6 is a nimble and compact rubber tracked carrier designed to maneuver effortlessly across rough, wet or uneven ground conditions to perform cell maintenance on landfills while minimizing damage to liners and underlying substructures....

  • The Terramac RT6 crawler carrier increases access to hard-to-reach jobsites with its nimble and compact design. The carrier delivers a 12,000-lb. carrying capacity and is equipped with a powerful Cummins engine for quick cycle times and faster climbing in slick and uneven landfill terrain. With a footprint of 16’2” x 8’2”, the RT6 is easy to maneuver in and out of tight spaces for cell maintenance, dirt hauling or various restoration tasks where larger wheeled equipment frequently gets stuck.

    Exerting a low ground pressure of just 5.4-psi, the RT6 travels effortlessly across landfills while minimizing damage to infrastructures below the surface. Featuring both open and closed cab options with rollover protective structure (ROPS) and falling object protective structure (FOPS), the RT6 delivers maximum operator protection from landfill elements. The Terramac RT6 is available from a full dealer network which spans the United States and Canada for localized parts, service and support.

  • RT9 Crawler Carrier with Spray Applicator
    The Terramac RT9 with spray applicator is a versatile equipment solution for landfill operations and is used for applying alternative daily cover slurry or seeding applications post landfill closure....

  • The Terramac RT9 is a mid-sized rubber tracked crawler carrier customized with a spray applicator for efficiently applying alternative daily cover and delivering quality seeding, fertilizing and mulching in one simple process for landfill operations. With a ground pressure of just 5.4-psi, the RT9 steadily travels across uneven and wet landfill terrain with ease to keep operations moving, and reduces stress on the overall landfill infrastructure.

    Delivering an 18,000-lb. carrying capacity and powerful Cummins diesel engine, the Terramac RT9 is equipped to easily accommodate customized spray applicators which expand the carrier’s capabilities. The RT9 is also built with CE certified parts for enhanced quality and safety, and is sold through full dealer network. Terramac’s dealer network spans the United States and Canada providing localized parts, service and support for customers.